Antilia Forums Feed Recent forum posts on Video: Antilia Update for May 2018 (Version 0.4) This month we completed Antilia version 0.4, with a focus on implementing and expanding the character creation system! The syst... Video: Character Creation System In this week's video I share a bit of development on Antilia's character creation system. Video: Thoughts on the Antilia Editor and Modding Antilia Update, Toi Engine to Become Open Source Quote by jeff: .. (Toi has support for plug-in based rendering solutions, m... Video: Learning How to Use the Landscape Tool Quote by Wlezley: Hi Jeff,can i help you with Antilia project?I am an C++ ... Video: Antilia Hotbar Work in Progress Quote by WWWWWWWW: Very nice! You mentioned holding the tent if you don't... Video: Antilia Update for March 2018 (Version 0.2) I've posted a video update on the state of Antilia, our first internal test version, and more details on the inventory syst... Antilia's Inventory System and Project Goals for 2018 Yo, a good inventory system is key, looks so good as well, keep doing a great job and this game is gonna be dope! Favorite Lyrics "I'm a shape shifterAt Poe's masqueradeHiding both face and mindAll free for you to drawI'm a shape shifterC... Race idea? Sergals sound like a stretch, though sergals don't tend to have hair, it would fit the theme. Can't see how they'... New Antilia Screenshots and Toi Landscape Tool At the moment the closest thing I have to a released date is to re-confirm that I aim to have the game in alpha testing in 2018 ... Development Live Stream - Saturday July 29th, 2019 Doh. It's a pain to fix topic titles too. Fraud Alert The general rule of thumb I have is that it's a number that I don't know or recognize, I never answer it. Just let it ... Discord Issues Fixed. Last Two Letter Word game (sends a SSBN after MageOfCats)