Antilia Forums Feed Recent forum posts on Video: Critical Look Before Internal Testing In two weeks I'd like to get the development team testing the latest version of Antilia, but before they can start we need ... Antilia Character Creation Demo error? In case anyone else encounters this error - We did a bit of investigation but have not found a cause for this error yet. I'... Video: Highlights of Antilia's Development in 2018 ((Sorry I'm posting this a bit late - I was planning to write a blog post to go with it, but then got busy playing catc... Can't share new character. I can't think of any mechanism whereby the color would be the cause of this. I'll keep investigating on my end when I... Video: Northern Islands Work in Progress Like how the northern islands are beginning to shape up. It's going to be good once the fishing alpha is done. Can hardly w... Video: Brainstorming Antilia's Northern Islands This week I'm joined by Lokosicek and Gina for a bit of brainstorming on the topic of the Northern Islands where our Fishin... Crash on startup if normal mouse not plugged in Hmm interesting. It shouldn't be difficult to fix, provided the user has some sort of pointer device. Without any mouse a... Development Update for November 17, 2018 Just a quick status update for this week: I've made good progress on the new out-of-game menus (create new game, load a s... Video: Antilia Development & Thoughts on Staying Motivated This month I'm putting all the existing pieces together in preparation for the development team to begin adding features fo... Video: Leveling Up and the Skill Grid Quote by WWWWWWWW: Does simulation CPU usage mean how much CPU the host will de... Video: Thoughts on the Antilia Character Demo and Our Next Goals Quote by hexfur: I'm just curious, will this be able to play singleplayer... Antilia Character Creation Demo Now Available to Download! Well hey, welcome to the party, NightFall!Sounds like you might enjoy the Sakii. Character Creation Sharing Thread With the character creator demo out, I'd thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we shared our characters we... Screenshot Thread I'm going to lock this thread, as it's gotten so old most pages are filled with broken images.For new screenshots, esp... Should we Rebuild Antilia's Forum Community? The thing that the forums need right now is a mobile compatible page so that it will be easier to access from anywhere