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About Antilia

Things To Do in Antilia

Create a Custom Character!

In Antilia, you start by creating your own customized character. Customization options include:

  • Race, Bloodline, and Gender - Character creation starts with the selection of a "bloodline" or "breed" based on the race. Both a primary and secondary bloodline can be chosen within each race, allowing for hybrid characters.
  • Skin/Fur Colors - The colors in the skin/fur as well as the eye color can be customized.
  • Face & Body Adjustments - Each of the races has a set of custom adjustment sliders, allowing the player to adjust various physical features such as: body tone and facial features.
  • Family & Background - Provide background information on your character, such as where they were born and who their parents were.
  • Bonuses & Handicaps (Coming Soon) - Elect to accept certain handicaps to earn points toward bonuses.

Meet and Make New Friends!

There are always new characters to meet in Antilia. Coming soon: The friends list will let you track who is online, and easily locate & communicate with them.

Craft musical instruments, and play them with your friends!

Learn Skills!

Antilia features a skill-based gameplay system. As you explore the world, you will learn new skills - and each skill can be developed/improved individually. With hundreds of skills planned - the list of skills that can be learned will continue to grow with each release.


Antilia features a large, seamless world. If you see it on the horizon - you can get to it. In the future, we'll be adding caverns, ruins, and mysterious landscape features to find and explore!


Antilia features a lot of interactive objects. If something looks curious, try interacting with it - you may get something in return!


Fishing is a great way to find food. There are currently over 40 unique fish to catch on the Isle of Kasau... Try to find them all!


Raw foods may fill the food bar - but by cooking them you can get a lot more calories out of them. Find a campfire with a grill and/or cook pot to combine your ingredients into more powerful foods!


Combine raw materials into useful tools! Customize your crafted items via sliders and optional materials.


Establish a base of operations by purchasing a tent! Tents come in a variety of colors, and a growing list of furnishings will allow players to customize their portable home.


When the light fades, the danger grows - find a weapon or learn some magic to defend yourself in the wild!

Alpha Note: Antilia is still in alpha - so this list is still growing!

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