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video footage, 11 november, 2013

Jen: 14
in this particular video, i try and talk as little as possible. we just go and explore the land of kasau. this has been the kind of video i've been wanting to make for a long, long time. but there hadn't been a significant enough lull in the alpha tests for me to do it. [every time i was recording, it was because there was something new to show off.]

in 5.7.0c, there was "nothing new" [there /was/ a live event that happened, and i captured that, but i'll be putting that up later.] game wise, so i figured it was time to do this particular walkabout.

i hope everyone enjoys.

antilia alpha, 11 november, 2013: a relaxed walkabout
Monday, November 11, 2013 9:12pm
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