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Avatar design and animations.

Capris Fox
Jen: 15
First of i would like to apologise if this has been asked already.

Basicly as per title name, i wanted to ask if in time, there are any plans for more detailed avatar to be added into the game (when the game is post launch of course).

I also want to ask if the Dev. team plan to enable avatars from the modding comunity to be added into the game.
Since i used to derp around in SL, i gotten to see some good stuff being made by the local creators there, in the forms of avatars, clothing and general things.
I think if some of that kind of level creators can be invited here mabe they can add nice things for here, not to mention the roleplay comunities of witch there are many with allot of members there if they get a wind of this game, might end up moving over, witch brings me to my initial question about avatar and animation development?

I'm curious since i'm new and i ask allot X3

Sunday, February 17, 2019 6:29pm
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