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Toi Milestone Reached and Work Begins on the Reisuii

Monday, April 3, 2017 6:16pm
Lead Developer
Greetings everyone!

It is no exaggeration to say it has been a busy couple of months for Antilia. My take-away from January was "set goals, create lists, and cross something off the list every day." In February and March I extended that to include the rhythm of a regular release schedule. Antilia is a marathon, and I aim to do better than stepping forward on occasion some months. There is still progress to be made in finding our best stride, but I am looking for it (not to be confused with our fastest stride, which would quickly burn us out).

As the Canvas tool becomes more functional, I can start planning the next tool - the terrain tool. I believe this will also be a good time to think critically about how movement and camera control works in Antilia - I’ll need those working to test the appearance and scale of the terrain in-game.

Lore: The Reisuii

Many of the most exciting developments in the past month have been on the topic of the Reisuii, and I want to thank Mataata for her interest and effort in pursuing final decisions on the topic. Without her questions, suggestions, and excitement we wouldn't be making nearly so much progress on the Reisuii’s development.

While the names of the Reisuii bloodlines are still being decided, the animal species we are currently taking inspiration from include: mice, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, otters, and sheep. In a future post I will begin to reveal more details about the Reisuii, their culture, and gameplay - much is still waiting to be discovered.

Lore: Map of Antilia

In addition to writing on the Reisuii and their culture, Lokosicek and I have been adding new details to the map of Antilia. Previously this map only contained basic landscape features such as mountains and the Taipii cities. In our improvements thus far we have been improving landscape features, adding new Taipii villages, and describing points of interest across Antilia. Later this week we plan to continue developing the map with our focus shifting underground: caverns, mineral locations, underground water, and possibly the Reisuii mines and cities.

((This map is still a work in progress. Full version is available here.))

Toi Studio: The First Internal Releases of Toi Studio

A major milestone was reached this month with the first internal development release of Toi Studio. Along the way some significant engineering challenges had to be approached, a few failures were encountered, and functioning solutions were found. These aren't the kind of engineering challenges I can read about in a blog or find solutions to in a Google search. In cases like this invention is required.

With the initial release of Toi Studio, version 0.1.0, I focused on getting things in order so that the other developers could start providing feedback. Since then I've been trying to create a new version each week. In version 0.1.1 I worked on completing Toi Studio's synchronized data storage system, such that we can now observe each other making changes in real time. The most recent improvements have focused on the various modes for drawing and editing shapes in the Canvas tool.

((In late March I added support for different control handle styles on the same spline, offering artists more options for controlling shapes.))

In the upcoming months I would like to resume creating videos as we begin to use Toi Studio to create game assets for Antilia. The Toi Engine and Toi Studio have gained some great momentum early on this year. I must be careful not to get ahead of myself, but it would be great to see some of Toi’s momentum begin to be shared with the Antilia game.

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