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The End of Antilia as a Serious Commercial Venture (Historical)

Monday, November 5, 2007 3:41pm
Lead Developer
((This is a historical post. Antilia's development has since resumed.))

It is my unfortunate duty to announce that Shane and I will no longer be pursuing Antilia as a full-time commercial project. We have been watching the development of Earth Eternal for the past few months, and over the weekend we agreed that it is simply no longer realistic to think we can compete with Iron Realms. Our products significantly overlap - enough that we are both looking to attract the same, small audience. Iron Realms has more programmers, more industry experience, more industry ties, funding, and plenty of momentum to complete their project soon. Earth Eternal will beat us to the market, and will do so with what looks to be a very appealing product for the mass market as well as the furry community.

There is no longer any way we can redesign Antilia or speed up our progress to effectively compete. We didn't come to this conclusion lightly, and in fact some denial was involved - but it's readily apparent now that it no longer makes sense for Shane and I to come home after working a full-time job, and kill ourselves working into the late hours of the night. We gave it our best, but it just took us a couple years too long to get to this point. By the time we reach the market, the demand for a product like Antilia will have already been met.

Before I discuss the future of the project, I would like to thank Shane for the incredible amount of time, money, and effort he has put into sharing this dream. His work on Mocha, RBGui, Toi, and Antilia has demonstrated remarkable craftsmanship, and provided some truly intuitive solutions to complex problems. I sincerely wish there was a justifying way that I could describe how invaluable and inspirational he has been to me, but it's hard to convey how hard he has worked, and how personal he made the success of this project. Shane and I will of course keep in contact, and may work together on future projects. Really, though, in the light of this project's future - his talents would be better invested someplace else.

As for myself, to abandon Antilia is anything but easy. I have struggled with the decision ever since Shane and I reached our conclusion. I have spent 10 years on this dream, so by now, Antilia is a pretty significant part of who I am. It is against all reason, really, that I want to continue this project.

It couldn't be helped that even the limited commercial potential of Antilia in years past inspired some hope in me that one day I may be able to pursue my art as a full-time career. While that hope has dimmed, my love for the story and the beauty in Antilia has not - to give up on Antilia would be to give up my greatest work of art. I'm a pretty flexible person - but giving up on Antilia would have to be something I would regret the rest of my life. I will therefore resume working on it as I did before Shane joined me - as an enjoyable hobby - without worrying about meeting expectations or any deadlines. To be honest though, the odds that I will complete this project on my own are very, very small. That really doesn't bother me at all - working on Antilia is just something that makes me happy.

I'll discuss my plans for the future of Antilia in more detail towards the end of the week in another post, after I've had some time to organize what I have and what needs to be done. One of the first things I intend to change is to eliminiate the mystery of where the project stands and what's being added next.

For all the visitors to this site that have shared our excitement for this project, thank you for interest and motivating comments, and may you find happiness in following your dreams.
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