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Screenshots: Alenfay, A Village Among Cities

Monday, September 10, 2007 10:57am
Lead Developer
As I build some of the more noteworthy cities and villages across Antilia, I'd like to share with you a little bit of history, as well as the challenges I face at each location.

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About Alenfay

Alenfay is a small village on the western side of Antilia. The Fayn Syra Mountains start just east of Alenfay, and cut through most of the central continent. Because of these mountains, travel between northern and southern villages on Antilia are forced around either the eastern 'Canyon' route, or the preferred western Alenfay route. Alenfay was born at the junction where traffic from Cachlae and Lynnar, the two big cities of the South, meet and head north toward Ariel.

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Alenfay offers much more than just a convenient rest stop, however. It is the only village in the western forests, and thus the source of many unique wild goods. Alenfay is also the natural habitat for 2 species of grapes, which are farmed and fermented into wine at the local vineyards.

What Works

Before starting on Alenfay, I had tried my hand at modeling buildings on several occasions, and always met with failure. When I'm modeling, I generally know when things are going good and when they are not. With buildings, it's usually hours of 'not going good'.

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Shane and I have looked at and considered all sorts of architectural styles looking for inspiration for Antilia, because if you're not inspired to create it, you're not really going to get anything. After discussing a switch to adobe buildings, a light finally went off in my head and a few hours later... Alenfay had buildings.

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When it comes to landscaping, it's always been pretty straightforward for me. The only difficult thing seems to be producing good landscape textures to begin with. Once I have some good textures, our editor makes it a breeze to carve up some mountains, rivers, or whatever I need.

What Doesn't Work

For this, my first village, my biggest obstacle has been simple inexperience and a lack of planning. While we are calling this Alenfay... this is really just a test zone with Alenfay-style buildings and landscaping. Building Alenfay so that it can be presented in release will probably require a new terrain.

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