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New Concept Art: Pack Koura - Jidou

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:47pm
Lead Developer
I'm currently between milestones for Antilia, and I want to provide an update as to what's going on before we reach that next point.

For the past two weeks, the focus has been on improving the modeling features in the previously mentioned mesh editor for Antilia. The volunteer community suggested a few features that helped smooth-out some rough edges, and really I am very pleased with how it's turned out. I can't wait to spend some time in it creating the new character meshes. The next bit of programming work will involve an editor for putting textures on those meshes, and no-doubt you'll hear more about that in the next post.

Thank You's

I'd like to thank some members of our volunteer community, and some of these are a bit overdue:
  • Lanceo90 - For starting up the very successful Games & Roleplaying section in the forum. In just over a month the section has really put the forum software to the test with an amazing 14,000 posts! Great suggestion!
  • Trandoshan - For testing and providing feedback on the new mesh editor - and then going on to create a couple dozen weapons with it already! (You'll likely see some examples of these soon, once we have the next batch of features in place.)
  • DatapawWolf - Who has also been working with the Mesh Editor, but before that submitted descriptions for dozens of game skills. We're going to need a lot of these eventually - so it's great to have a head-start on it already.
I'd also like to thank the volunteers that have been asking questions or submitting ideas, as well as forum members who make suggestions right in the forums. It's been busy lately - a good kind of busy - but unfortunately I don't always have the opportunity to respond to forum posts when I first read them. Still, the posts often inspire me to consider new game ideas, or reconsider bits I haven't thought on in a while.

Concept Art

This week we have a great illustration by Ravenflight, something I've been interested in seeing for a while, a Pack Koura. Those of you that have read this lore post may recognize the creature illustrated as being a Jidou - just like Pafasa in the story.

Pack Koura - Jidou by Ravenflight

Thanks, Ravenflight!
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