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Development: Constructing a Mess

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:57pm
Lead Developer
This week was spent working entirely on the terrain's clutter features. Granted that clutter (small rocks, grass, and flowers) isn't strictly a required feature, I consider it a valuable system. It is essentially my smallest brush for painting the most intricate details on the terrain. Without clutter, terrain feels lifeless to me. While this isn't necessarily the simplest clutter system to use (the 0.4 alpha made clutter very easy to manage), it is a close second, and more flexible than the previous system. I am anxious to see what can be done with it.

The figures for this week are a tad skewed, something that happens on occasion. I am actually 6 work hours into my next big work item, but my personal policy is that until an item is completed, those work item hours aren't fully realized or reported.

Development Log - Iteration 2
This WeekCumulative
Actual Work Hours:2163
Work Item Hours:942 of 87 (48%)
Work Items:311 of 16 (69%)

A Slice of History - Antilia Alpha 0.3

This week I have what I consider some very special screenshots. They are certainly special to me because they are from a build of Antilia I had believed was completely lost: Antilia 0.3.

Larger Image

Antilia 0.3 is of particular interest to me because, like 0.5, it is the only other demo to use it's own rendering engine. As you can no-doubt tell from the shots, we didn't get very far on it before setting it aside to improve the game engine, which would become Toi. The plan was to resume work on 0.3 once we had a good toolset, but things didn't quite work out that way.

Larger Image

Not only do I have a few screenshots of 0.3, but I have a running executable as well. That actually completes my collection of executable Antilia clients, I now have a build of all 4 previous clients (plus Toi) I can run at any time. With the exception of 0.3, I'll try to produce some videos of the others. Unfortunately, as far as 0.3 is concerned, you basically see all there is to see in these 3 images.

Larger Image
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