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Fighting Style

Foxy the Pirate Fox
Jen: 13
Main Weapon:
Me Cutlass 'd be me main weapon of choice.
It'd help me slice up those who'd not be fearing me and me crew.

Secondary Weapon:
Blunderbuss, me trusty weapon to help when there'd be too many of my enemies around me.
The spread of pellets could kill many enemies at once, or least paralaze those survive so I'd be able too lop off a few heads

Support Weapons:
What else better fer a support weapon than me hook or teeth?
Me hook 'd help me pull in those I'd be fight'n, it'd be helpin me also impale those who disrespect me.
With a combination of me hook and me teeth, I could just bite ye head off your shoulders.

Why in the great blue Earth would ye scallywags want to be using witchcraft? Aye, it'd make things easier fer ye to devastate yer enemies. But why'd ye be so willing to sell yer soul, jus' to have ye an upper hand?
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 7:31pm
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