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Fighting Style

Jen: 20
When dealing with RPGs, the big question that really guides people in how they play is their personal fighting style that they are drawn to using. So, why not see what styles the different people here prefer to use. Sorry, but spells don't count for this one.

Main Weapon:
This is the item you go to first for your fighting.
Shortbow; my go to, since it does the job without drawing attention.

Secondary Weapon:
This is the item you go to when your Main choice fails or isn't available.
Handaxe; light, quick, and good as a tool, too.

Support Weapons:
These are what you use to back up your other weapon choices.
Light Shield, Dagger, and Spiked Gauntlet.
Sunday, December 28, 2014 3:43pm

Jen: 109
To many who know me this goes without saying.

Smashy smashy.

Secondary: Dual/Twin Blades
Rapid small damage adds up quickly. Also because .hack.

Support: N/A
Never gave any thought to it.
Sunday, December 28, 2014 5:09pm
Sly da' Talikus aka LongSly
I will mallet all who question me! O.O
Writing Team
Jen: 68
Heh, now THIS is a thread I'm going to be keeping an eye on. I might post on here a few times talking about my preferred loadouts.

To some, this might already be known, but here's my go-to in these sorts of things.

Main weapon: A winged spear & shield. (is that cheating? I'm not sure if this counts as two. : /)
I adore spears. They can be used as both a highly defensive or offensive (and in these cases, graceful) weapon, making them extremely versatile, and to those that know me, they know my thing for versatility.. There precise, and the winged spear comes with the advantage of making grabbing near the end a bit more risky, and helps keep it from getting stuck in whatever you strike.

Secondary weapon: A flanged mace.
While a spear's strength comes from precise targeting and penetration of chinks and weak points in armor, that it may still prove difficult to do at times. The mace, on the other hand... Targeting is not so much of a problem. Just crush whatever's in your way. Problem solved. Brutish? Sure. Effective? Oooooooh yea. (Yes, I'm aware there's an art to fighting with a club. I am not as arrogant to think that it's just "swing swing swing". sorry if that's what you got from this. XP)

Fallbacks: I'd most likely have some sort of ranged alternative. Maybe a light crossbow, or perhaps a short bow, should I have room, or the ability to carry more. If that's not an option, I'd likely have some throwing items, such as a light explosive. (I lack the skill for things such as throwing knives or kunai, sorry to say, and those take a good chunk of a lifetime to learn.)

So there ya go. My preferences.
Sunday, December 28, 2014 5:25pm
I'm not particularly great at anything, but I'm definitely adequate at everything.
I like that. I can do anything I want.
Writing Team
Jen: 68
Quote by Ariarose:
Secondary: Great Staff w/ Magical Powers and Pointy tip
Bash 'n Spear then set em on fire yo.

Ah ah ah, no magic.
Sunday, December 28, 2014 5:56pm
I'm not particularly great at anything, but I'm definitely adequate at everything.
I like that. I can do anything I want.
Jen: 13
I guess i should post something too:
Primary: Long(50 cm) and sharp claws,attachable to the wrist,to slice some people up,alive.
What?Too brutal?

Secondary: Clumsyness
Ok,i thought nearly half an hour about this one.So my secondary "weapon" would be my huge clumsyness then.If i won't be able to use my claws,i would panic a bit,run,trip,and, if i'm lucky,hurt somebody while doing this.

Support: Mini-Sentry
As a huge fan of TF2,i choose the Engineer's Mini-Sentrygun as my Support Weapon. It can distract some enemys,and builds itself up really fast,but has a small fire rate and doesn't do very much damage,but it does some damage,and can maybe protect me for a second while i think about what i should do.
Quote by RED Engineer:
"I solve practical problems.For instance, how am I gonna stop some big mean motherhubbard from tearin' me a structurally superfluous new behind?The answer?Use a gun.And if that don' work,Use MORE gun."
Or claws.
Sunday, December 28, 2014 6:31pm
Sorry for my bad english ^_^ '
Jen: 30
Primary: A nifty nifty Bow! Or unarmed, that seems fun.

Secondary: They get too close for a bow? Put on a gauntlet like
the Shredder wears....
AND SPIN AROUND IN A CIRCLE. Become the whirlwind of spikes.

Support: Your whirlwind of doom not doing it?
Hmm... How about.... UNARMED AGAIN!
.... did unarmed not work? HOW ABOUT

... He's covered in fur, its fine. all fine. Cats are naked and you don't
nag them about their terrible life choices.

Monday, December 29, 2014 8:09am
Jump and press the O button, Sly.
Jen: 12
Main Weapon:
Rifle - because pew pew dead.

Secondary Weapon:
[Attached] Bayonet - because I should have some melee capabilities. Oh, and also because stab stab dead.

Support Weapons:
Flame Thrower - because FIRE!!! BURN!!! BURN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Pistol - for those just-in-case moments.

Hmm...things that go boom would be fun too...but I'll leave it at that.
Monday, December 29, 2014 4:06pm
Jen: 24
I'd have to say main weapon would be anything light AND dual wieldable. Such as daggers, gauntlets/fists, chakrams etc...I like to keep things very fast paced and close to the vital spots.

Secondary would have to be a specific pair that I can't choose between. A rapier or Halberd specifically. I consider them both very regal, noble and a standard for honor. Just kind of a nice image to bear before stabbing your enemy in the back.

As for support gear, not so much a weapon, but more of an add-on. Such as poisons primarily.
Monday, December 29, 2014 11:06pm
Never understood why nightmares are loathed. Should we not be happy we woke from the terror to a mundane day? Then again I'm an adrenaline junkie and I love that feeling
Jen: 77
Main Weapon
Katana or longsword. I've done some kendo and like the feel of swords in that length range.

Secondary Weapon
Dagger as it is light and can be hidden if need be.

Support Weapons
Longbow or a Korean-style bow for those instances when distance is preferred. A walking staff as it is useful when wandering and can double as a weapon in a pinch. Cunning.
Tuesday, December 30, 2014 1:50pm
May God bless you and may a star shine down upon your path.
Direlda lives here:
Jen: 13
Main Weapon: A light and durable Lance.
Oh so you're gonna charge me? Haha Bad Idea. Plus they're super cool.

Secondary Weapon: Throwing knives
PEW PEW! Ranged weapon of course.

Support Weapon: Mace
Just In case stabbing people doesn't work, I will Bash their face in c:

I would includes staves and magic (For i am more of a Magic user person) but since this post want none of that. These are the most likely physical weapons i would use.
Tuesday, December 30, 2014 6:18pm
With great merchant skills comes great failing!
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