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News and Development


The latest announcements about Antilia

Currently: 130 Topics, 2723 Posts
Recent Topics
Toi Milestone Reached and Work Begins on the Reisuii
A Tool for Textures
New Project Goals for 2017

Development Blogs

Design and Technical Posts from the Development Team

Currently: 5 Topics, 37 Posts
Recent Topics
Technical Blog #4 - Pro-Mod or Anti-Cheat
Development Blogs - How Often, How Much Information
Technical Blog #3 - Failing Toward Equilibrium

Game Discussion

The World of Forra - Official Lore

A repository of posts documenting the offical lore of Antilia.

Currently: 11 Topics, 21 Posts
Recent Topics
The Sakii - Sociology and History
Antilia's lore compilation
The Taipii - Sociology and History

Lore Discussion

Discussions about Forra, the Taipii, and other creatures living on Forra

Currently: 53 Topics, 609 Posts
Recent Topics
Armors and Wildlife
A Guide to Taipii Names

Game Design

Discuss Gameplay Ideas for Antilia

Currently: 276 Topics, 3455 Posts
Recent Topics
Race idea?
About the Character's stances...
Making bloodlines unique without disrupting game balance



General Community Chat

Currently: 349 Topics, 5803 Posts
Recent Topics
Antilia Steam Group Invite
Introduce yourself ^__^ !


A Place for Forum Role-playing

Currently: 81 Topics, 47832 Posts
Recent Topics
Screech Academy Furry Boarding school RP
Corrupt a Wish
Of MIce And Men (pls join on signup!)

Technical Feedback

Website Support

If you are having difficulties with the website, please post them here.

Currently: 82 Topics, 566 Posts
Recent Topics
just reporting a website typo
New player races
Certian threads missing their title

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